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North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School

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We know that learning new skills can be stressful and that this stress can prevent our students from learning new things.  To prevent this, we use the I-We-You method to prevent this stress and help build confidence.  Below is a demonstration and explanation of how this works at NESSSS.

When introducing something new, the teacher will first demonstrate what they wish the students to do.  In this example, the teacher has created a short answer from a framework to maximise the marks available.

Now the students can work together to solve another question.  This could be done in small groups or in collaboration with the teacher.  It is important that the students are allowed to make mistakes here so that they can adjust things as required.  In the example above, the students have written an answer with the teacher. 

Finally, the students are asked to work on questions independently.  These should be at various levels which allow the students to choose their level of difficulty.  This is important as it not only allows the children to build confidence and reduce the stresses of trying new activities, it also helps to embed the learning in line with Ebbinghaus' theory.

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North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School

North East Surrey Short Stay School

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