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North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School

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Late/Absence Procedures

As a school, we aim that students’ attendance is at least 94% across the year. To put this in concrete terms,
the following table shows the number of school days per year missed at different percentages of

Percentage attendanceDays Lost in a YearHours of Learning Lost
97%6 days30 hours
95%9 days (almost 2 school weeks)45 hours
93%13 days65 hours
90% (Threshold for Persistent Absenteeism)19 days (nearly 4 school weeks)95 hours
85%28.5 days (just under typical half term)142.5 hours
80%38 days (over half a term)190 hours


Multiply this by 5 to reflect the 5 years of secondary education and students with 95% attendance or lower
across their time at the school will have missed at least 45 days (225 hours) of learning time!


A student with 80% attendance will have missed the equivalent of a whole year.


We would therefore ask that you try to ensure that your son/daughter achieves the best possible
attendance this year. The Winter and Spring Terms are traditionally period of seasonal illness and, whilst
we want to stress that students should not attend school if they are genuinely unfit for learning, we would
ask that this is kept to the minimum required for them to recover.


If your child is ill and unable to make it to school please call Reception on 01784 464416

stating clearly their name and a specific reason for their absence i.e. if
they are ill please state the specific illness.




Complete the online Parent's Contact Form providing the information above. - Click Here for the Parent's Contact Form


To access Surrey County Council Advice for Parents  - CLICK HERE

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North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School

North East Surrey Short Stay School

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