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North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School

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School Admissions

NESSSS only accepts applications for on-site and outreach provision through Surrey County Council or directly from secondary schools.  We do not accept applications directly from parents or through the usual application process.  The main routes to on-site provision are as follows:


Permanent Exclusion

NESSSS is the commissioned provision for Permanently Excluded children in Year 7 to 11 in North East Surrey.  When a child is Permanently Excluded, NESSSS should provide education from the 6th day after the initial decision.  In these cases, NESSSS will try to reintegrate students back in to mainstream education within 12-18 weeks of arrival.



The referral process is for children who are at risk of permanent exclusion and is only available to students in, or about to enter, KS4.  Children who have been Permanently Excluded can not be referred.  The placement itself is funded by the secondary school from which the child is on roll and any students attending through this process will remain on the roll of both schools (Duel roll) until the placement ends - usually at the end of Year 11.  There is always a 6-week trial for any students attending through this process so that we may better understand each other.


The additional funding from secondary schools is used for therapeutic or vocational support. It helps us to fund projects and additional placements that interest the children.  By motivating the students through these, we are able to create and build upon a personalised curriculum which targets each individual.  



In some cases, a good way to avoid Permanent Exclusion can be to spend a short intervention period at NESSSS.  These periods are designed to support the children and the school to help them improve attitudes and their approach to learning.  In order to do this, students should be identified through the outreach programme.  referrals for outreach can be made here.


Our core aim, values and ethos permeates throughout the curriculum and we work hard to ensure that all students have identified next steps, supporting them through the transition in and out of NESSSS.  We want the best for the children who attend and will work closely with them and their families to raise aspirations and help move them forward. 


Curriculum details can be found here.






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North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School

North East Surrey Short Stay School

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